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Bayt Al Fann acquires Art 'n Fann

Bayt Al Fann are delighted to announce the takeover of Art 'n Fann. We are an artist-led collective, which seeks to strengthen the position of Islamic art, culture and creativity by rethinking and taking ownership of narratives. Bayt Al Fann launched in November 2021, with the aim to expand the reach of Islamic art, culture and heritage.


The opportunity arose to takeover Art 'n Fann, an already established online hub centered around Islamic art. Being an artist himself, founder & curator Allayth Ibn Idris created Art 'n Fann in 2017, as a space to nurture and present the talents of artists specializing in Islamic art, as well as offer learning resources and networking opportunities. We have now acquired Art 'n Fann, with the aim to rebrand and transform the organisation.

At Bayt Al Fann we see the value of the artistic community at Art 'n Fann and hope to continue to build on the work the organisation has already achieved, as well as leading a new vision for imagining the future of Islamic art and culture.

"We see value in the wonderful work Art 'n Fann have delivered, building an engaged vibrant online community of artists, institutions and individuals passionate about Islamic art and culture. We are excited to develop this further, continuing to grow the artistic community and raise the profile of Islamic art and culture." Representative of Bayt Al Fann.

"I was initially hesitant transferring ownership of my baby Art ‘n Fann but after many emails and a long conversation with the owners of Bayt Al Fann, I realized they had a genuine interest in spreading love for the Islamic Arts and I believe they’ll do a wonderful job." Allayth Ibn Idris, founder & curator Art 'n Fann.

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