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From Scotland to Al Aqsa with love, Zaythoun Suleman

A group of 9-12 year olds express their passion and love of Al Aqsa Mosque through art.

Aaminah Badran aged 11


This is the artwork of the 9 Mighty Oaks who were inspired to discover the ancient historical mystery of Al Aqsa Mosque.

Mighty Oaks is a community group which grew from another group known as Treez which came from all over the world but settled in the scenic sites of Scotland.

Khadeejah aged 11


They were faced with the first challenge:

Is the gold domed building (Qubbet al Sakhra) Al Aqsa Mosque? Or is the grey domed building (Jami Al Aqsa/Qibli Mosque) standing next to the southern wall Al Aqsa Mosque? Or is it the limestone walls themselves where the ancient echoes of The Prophets Prayer was heard within them? There is confusion that surrounds this concept which we hope to clear up with our project.

Fatimah aged 12


To understand what Al Aqsa Mosque is, one must understand what Al Aqsa Mosque means to Muslims. The sacred connection between a Muslim and Al Aqsa Mosque stemmed from the Miraculous night Journey undertaken by the Prophet Muhammed Peace be upon Him told to us in verses from the Holy Qur’aan.

Muslims believe that the Holy Qur’aan is the word of God or ALLAH and thus it is sacred.

In the chapter named Al Isra meaning the night Journey in Arabic, ALLAH says “Glory to He (ALLAH himself) Who did take His worshipper (Muhammed) for a journey by night from Al- Haram Mosque (Kaaba, Makkah) to al-Aqsa Mosque (Islamicjerusalem), which we have surrounded with blessings, in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He (ALLAH) is the All-hearing All-Seeing.” TMQ Isra:1

Sophia aged 11


It was on this Miraculous night that Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammed Peace be upon him lead all the Prophets in prayer.

Hence, the connection between a Muslim and Al Aqsa Mosque is established.

Mariyah aged 10


Let us look at what constitutes a Mosque?

For a Mosque to be a Mosque, it only needs 3 things:

It needs a place or a space where a person can pray, the direction of Qiblah (Muslims face the Kaaba in Makkah) and boundaries. With this in mind, we discover that the ancient limestone walls of Al Aqsa fall under the category of what constitutes a Mosque. The domes, buildings and the decoration were designed and made by the Umayyad Dynasty after the liberation of the lands by Omar Ibn Al Khattab (May ALLAH be pleased with him)

When the Prophets companion Omar Ibn Al Khattab liberated Islamicjerusalem, he allowed the Jews to freely worship in the city. Before this, the Jews were expelled from entering Islamicjerusalem by Emperor Hadrian after he took it over in 135AD. When Omar Ibn Al Khattab reached Al Aqsa boundary in 638AD, the Western Wall was intact and the Northern and Eastern Walls were in ruins. Hence the Prophet who led the other Prophets (Peace be upon all of them) in Prayer would have prayed within these walls on his night journey.

Aalia aged 11


To understand how old the walls are and who originally built them, one must look to historical texts passed down from one generation to another via a chain of transmission known as ahadith in Islam. This is the sayings and the doings of the Final Prophet sent to Mankind known as Muhammed Peace be upon Him. Many Muslims believe the ahadith especially the sahih ahadith to be as accurate as the Qur'aan itself. As each transmission is guarded by the sincerity of the person who has told it.

Khamis aged 11


"Abu Dhar Al-Ghafiri (May ALLAH be pleased with him) asked “O Messenger of Allah, which mosque was established first on earth?”

He replied “Al Masjid Al Haram (Kaaba in Makkah).

I asked “Then which one?”

He replied “Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa (in Islamicjerusalem).

I asked “How much time was between them?”

He replied “Forty years, and when it is time for prayer, wherever you are, pray, for that is where the merit is.”

Reference: Al-Bukhari 2000 v.2, 661-676; Muslim 2000 v.1, 209-210); "

Muhammad aged 11


Hence, it has been concluded that Prophet Aadam Peace be upon Him built both walled foundation structures.

Poem by OliveTreez

Thinking outside of the box is a must in this world full of illusion,

So much going on, not knowing truth or falsehood that feeds into the delusion,

Ancient are your stones, excavations dug your ground so deep,

Limestone walls rebuilt by many a nation whilst others sleep,

Aadam the prophet, raised your boundaries like He raised the Kaaba,

Quick was the time passed between the build of Kaaba and Al Aqsa So much sadness have you witnessed and so much Joy, At the sight of having the Prophet Muhammed coming your way,

Muhammed met and lead all the Prophets in Salah,

On the blessed night journey known as Isra, Sure, there was only walls to be had that day, Quick to pray behind the Prophet, they lined up that way, Uniquely giving him a status of leadership, Energised by the experience, His mission now strong and a smile upon His lip.

Arham aged 11


Lastly, I would like to leave you with a visual thought to remember.

If you think of how 1 + 1= A window by thinking outside the box, you can also see that Jami Al Aqsa/Qibli masjid (grey dome) plus Dome of the Rock/Qubbet al Sakhra (gold dome) is within the Al Aqsa boundaries, they are within the walls hence whatever is within the walls must also equal Al Aqsa.

Although, the domes and structures were indeed constructed later during the Umayyad dynasty, they are and always will be part of Al Aqsa Enclave.

Further reading and reference:

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THE ARCHITECTURAL DEVELOPMENT AL-AQSA MOSQUE IN ISLAMIC JERUSALEM In the Early Islamic Period Sacred Architecture in the Shape of ‘The Holy’ Dr. Haithem Fathi Al-Ratrout

The second Mosque on Earth that Islamic Jerusalem forgot by Haithem Al Ratrout

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