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Digital Muslim, Bilal Arman

Where are you from and how did your journey as an artist begin?

I’m a Palestinian American artist based out of Atlanta Ga, my journey as an artist began at a young age. I come from an artistic family, my grandfather was a musician, my father was a jeweler. At a young age I was exposed to graffiti by one of my cousins. I loved it.

How does your faith and heritage influence your practice?

The majority of my art is based on my faith, and the spiritual aspect of my faith. I take concepts of purification within my faith and apply them to my art. I try to take the physical and literal practices of the faith in order to shed light on Islamic concepts. My heritage as a Palestinian has a direct link to my art. I shed light on injustice, and the oppression my people face through my creativity.

What made you pursue NFT art and when did you start doing NFTs?

Last year is when I was told that as an artist I should start looking into NFTS, I started doing them 6 months ago and I am appreciative.

What are you bringing to the NFT art world?

I am bringing my story and my experience as a Muslim Palestinian American living in the South. My work explores the mysticism from my faith, I want to shed light on stereotypes, while highlighting the beauty of my faith.

Do you make other forms of art?

I do make other forms of art, I am a writer, I write raps and poetry. I also play guitar and the drums.

What are the concepts and ideas behind your work?

The concepts behind my work are around ego and purification of the self, reaching your higher self and detachment from the facade. We are more than just flesh, there is a spirit and a heart to everything.

Is Islamic art growing in the NFT world?

I dont know that Islamic art is growing in the NFT world, I think Muslim artists are representing their faith, even if there art isn’t islamic.

Do you have any upcoming drops?

I have one upcoming drop, its new art work, its going to be a 15-20 (1of1) series, the name is “searching for balance in the age of Aquarius)

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