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About Us

Arabic for art house, Bayt Al Fann is driven by a vision of a vibrant and thriving future for Islamic art, heritage, and culture. We launched the project in November 2021, with the dream to create a global home where artists, creatives, and communities come together and co-create the future of this timeless art.


We welcome everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, to explore the past, present and future of Islamic art, culture and heritage together…

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Our Story

Bayt Al Fann has a small dedicated team of individuals working to promote and celebrate Islamic art, heritage, and culture. Despite receiving no external funding, we have managed to establish ourselves as a dynamic and influential force within the Islamic arts community, attracting audiences from around the world.

At Bayt Al Fann, we endeavor to inspire and enchant by providing a gateway to the future of Islamic art. So far, we've collaborated with over 300 artists, creatives, and academics through our digital platform, It's been incredible to work with and celebrate so many talented trailblazers at the forefront of exploring Islamic art and culture through their boundless creativity and fearless experimentation. 


We believe that the digital age provides us with unprecedented opportunities to safeguard our cultural heritage and make it accessible to a global audience. We're humbled to have gained a following of over 500,000 across our social media in this short time. It's been amazing to see so many people around the world take an interest in Islamic art, culture and heritage and to see our community grow. 

Art is a universal language that can connect individuals from all walks of life, and we are honored to be able to share the richness of Islamic art with the world.

Image by Judson Moore

Meet The Team


Dr. Tareq A. Ramadan

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Director of Education

Dr. Tareq A. Ramadan, Ph.D. is an anthropologist, historian, poet, numismatist, historical preservationist, and professor at Wayne State University in Detroit and at Henry Ford College in Dearborn (U.S.A). He has taught several courses in Arab and Islamic civilization, history, culture, contemporary society, and anthropology/archaeology over the past sixteen years and is a leading figure in the efforts to document and restore the one-time home of Malcolm X in Inkster, Michigan. Tareq also specializes in  archaeolinguistics, early Arab-Islamic state formation, and material culture and has engaged in both archaeological and museum-based research in Jordan over the years. 


Steve Devine

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Digital Lead

With a background in cultural studies, publishing and photography Steve has over 20 years working experience leading digital practice in the UK cultural sector. Steve has taught at The University of Manchester on the Art Galleries & Museum Studies Course and presented at MuseumNext and  Museums and the Web.

Image by Judson Moore

Mission & Vision

Mission: Our mission at Bayt Al Fann is to build understanding between cultures and to create a sustainable world while amplifying Islamic art heritage and culture and preserving it for future generations. It's a big mission, but we're passionate about achieving it and making a positive impact in the world.

Vision: Bayt Al Fann envisions a world where the arts are a powerful tool for building bridges between cultures, fostering empathy and understanding, and promoting positive social and environmental change. We aspire to be a leader in the global arts community, recognised for our commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and sustainability.

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Our future hopes and aspirations...

To ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of Bayt Al Fann, we are launching a subscription scheme to transition to a community-led initiative. By becoming a member of Bayt Al Fann, individuals will have the opportunity to support our work, while also gaining access to a range of benefits, such as exclusive events, networking opportunities, and early access to exhibitions.

This new membership scheme represents an exciting new chapter in our history, as we seek to engage and empower our community of supporters to help shape the future of Islamic art and culture.

Through the support of our members, we will continue our efforts to amplify the voices of artists and creatives from communities around the world, sharing their unique perspectives and inspiring new audiences to engage with the beauty and diversity of Islamic art and culture – past, present and future.

If you believe in our vision, mission and future aspirations, please subscribe to our membership and be a part of developing Islamic art, heritage and culture for the future. Thanks for joining us on this journey – we love our Bayt Al Fann family and couldn’t achieve this without you!

Become a Member
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