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Eid Desserts - Fusion Flavours from Across the Muslim World

From Baklava Cheesecake to Chocolate Samosas, fusion desserts are a fantastic way to celebrate. Food bloggers are reimagining flavours for the future!

As Eid approaches, here are 24 fusion desserts inspired by flavours from across the Muslim World...

Gulab Jamun Gelato

Gulab jamun is a sweet deep fried dessert, originating in the Indian subcontinent and a type of mithai popular in India, Pakistan, the Maldives, and Bangladesh. Teamed with gelato it is a perfect blend of creamy cake’s deliciousness.

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Kanafeh Cheesecake

New York cheesecake just got a Middle Eastern makeover! Sweet and crunchy kanafeh pastry, sandwiches rich and creamy keshta-topped cheesecake. A drizzle of a cinnamon and cardamom kissed sugar syrup ties the flavors together.

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Falooda Cake Truffles

This fusion cake is like biting into a cake version of falooda. The perfect fusion dessert for Eid or even Iftar. They are simple to make but incredibly flavourful.

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Baklava Cheesecake

A delicious, scrumptious combination of creamy, tangy cheesecake and nutty, delicate baklava. With flaky, crispy pastry layers luxuriating in baklava syrup.

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Ras Malai Macarons

These fusion macarons are inspired by flavours of the rich and indulgent South Asian dessert – Ras Malai – a milk-based dessert with flavors of cardamom, rose and saffron.

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Pistachio Cake with Mohallabieh Cream

A take on the molten lava cake - this dessert has a major similarity with the lebanese dessert Aish el Saraya. The flavour combination of pistachios, rosewater and cinnamon gives this fusion cake an Arabic twist.