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Eid Feasts from Around the World

The celebration of Eid al-Adha

brings people together to enjoy a delicious feast with family, friends & neighbours. In Islam, sharing food helps build communities & care for each other

Here are 20 Eid feasts from different Muslim cultures around the world…

1/ Eid Feast, Palestine

Classic Palestinian Maklooba & Musakhan. Maklooba is a dish that requires some delightful patience, it is layered and comes out of the pan upside down. Musakhan is a roast chicken dish, perfectly flavored & roasted to tender perfection

2/ Eid Feast, Iran

This feast is not complete without Persian rice. Maybe even TahDig, which literally means bottom of the pot. Chelo Kabab Koobideh, Baghali Polo ba Mahiche, Tahchin, Salad Shirazi… here we have Ab Ghosht lamb stew, Barberi Rice & Gormeh Subzi

3/ Eid Feast, Turkey

Almost every city in Turkey has its own kebab recipe. Everything from döner kebab and beef kofta kebab to iskender kebap and marinated lamb shish kebabs or chicken shish kebab is delicious. Kebabs & Kavurma are popular dishes on Eid-ul-Adha

4/ Eid Feast, Algeria

Couscous, Tagine, Chakhchoukha - take your taste bud's to a whole new world with a plate of Algerian joyful hearty deliciousness

5/ Eid Feast, South Asia

In South Asia, particularly India, Pakistan & Bangladesh biryani is a firm Eid favourite served with a variety of dishes including kormas, tandoori chicken, samosas, pakoras, naan breads, it’s a table of happiness

6/ Eid Feast, Uzbekistan

Popular dishes you might encounter include Manti, a type of dumpling that is very popular in Eastern Europe, Plov a hearty rice pilaf, shashlik and so much more

7/ Eid Feast, Jordan

Mansaf is a traditional Jordanian meal containing plain yogurt sauce. The yogurt is mixed with lamb broth, which has been simmered for many hours with various spices. It is separated into three layers and placed on a huge serving dish

8/ Eid Feast, Egypt

Egyptian fattah is often made for celebrations and especially Eid al-Adha, the “big” eid. Egyptian fattah is different from its levant counterpart—minus yogurt, with either a broth or spiced tomato sauce and so delicious

9/ Eid Feast, Malaysia

Coconuts and Malaysian food go hand in hand. So, it is no surprise that Malaysia’s traditional Eid food, rendang, is a spicy coconut curry. Beef is another crucial ingredient, while some people also make it with chicken

10/ Eid Feast, Yemen

Mandi is a traditional dish that originated from Hadhramaut, Yemen, consisting mainly of meat and rice with a special blend of spices, cooked in a pit underground. It is delicious, extremely popular & prevalent in the Arabian Peninsula

11/ Eid Feast, Indonesia

Opor Ayam is a Central Javanese dish that is the Indonesian version of a chicken curry, it is eaten with ketupat and sambal goreng ati which is beef liver cooked in spicy sambal. A favourite traditional dish on Eid

12/ Eid Feast, Syria

This Syrian Eid feast includes traditional dishes mutabal (roaster aubergine dip), fattoush salad, Harrak Isbaao (lentil and macaroni stew with lots of pomegranate molasses). These are a few of the many delicious Syrian dishes

13/ Eid Feast, Afghanistan

A must is the treasured national dish, Kabuli (or Qabli) Pulao - a slow-cooked meat in a dome of gently seasoned rice with lentils, raisins, carrots, ground cardamom and nuts. And of course bread (naan) is eaten with just about everything

14/ Eid Feast, Djibouti

Skudahkharis is indisputably the national dish of Djibouti. Commonly prepared during the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, it is made of rice, lamb and ayurvedic spices such as cardamom. It can also go well with chicken, beef or fish

15/ Eid Feast, Lebanon

Kibbeh bil Sanieh which translates to “Kibbeh in the pan,” is the oven-baked version of Kibbeh. Stuffed grape leaves, hummus, muhammara, baba ganoush, manakeesh - just a few of the many dishes you may encounter at a Lebanese Eid feast

16/ Eid Feast, Sudan

A Sudanese Eid lunch may include aseeda (savoury sorghum pudding); lamb or beef and bean stew; chicken stew with carrot and cinnamon; fuul (fava bean stew); fatta adas (lentil stew with shredded bread and diced salad)

17/ Eid Feast, Morocco

Because Eid is a time for families to celebrate together, with extended families, friends and sometimes members of the community eating together, a huge tagine is often prepared, served with crusty Moroccan bread called khobz

18/ Eid Feast, Oman

Shuwa is an incredible Eid delicacy favoured around the Gulf.

It’s centrepiece is a slow roasted lamb, sheep or goat which is bathed in a spice blend. The blend usually pays homage to the host family's heritage, be it India, Zanzibar or Bahrain

19/ Eid Feast, Maldives

Each household will prepare an abundance of tasty local food, inviting family, friends & neighbors. Some feasts are completed by a “Malaafaiy”- large, wooden decorated serving dishes. A Maldive must includes Kulhi Boakibaa” (fish cake)

20/ Eid Feast, Libya

Tbeikhet 'Eid (طبيخة عيد, Eid Stew) originatesfrom the city of Derna. Made with lamb, chopped pumpkin, onions, clarified butter, crushed tomatoes, & chickpeas. The addition of raisins gives it a particular sweetness. It is served with couscous


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