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Indigenous Architecture across the Muslim World

Indigenous Architecture can change the way we live on Earth. Architects are embracing regionalism & traditional buildings, as these structures have proven to be energy efficient & sustainable.

Here, we explore traditional & indigenous inspired architecture across the Muslim World…

Mudhif houses, constructed out of reeds and adobe, Southern Iraq

Sana’a, Yemen - an ancient model of green architecture

Bab al Shams, inspired by indigenous architecture of UAE

Authentic Eco-Lodge in Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Traditional Persian Architecture in Kashan

Ancient city of Nizwa, Oman

Ushaiger, Riyadh

Close up of a house in Ushaiger, Riyadh

Ancient Nakhal Castle, Oman

Borujerdi House, Kashan, Iran

Traditional architecture in Yazd, Iran

Cave Dwelling of Tataouine, Tunisia

Ksar Ouled Debbab, Tunisia

Mysk Al Badayer - contemporary architecture reminiscent of caravanserais in Sharjah, UAE

Historical Adobe Pigeon Towers Located Near Riyad

Miandasht Robat, on the way of Silk Road. A place to rest in past times.

The Beehive Houses of Harran, Turkey - designed to stay cool

The Beehive Houses of Syria - The ancient earthen beehive-shaped houses on the edge of the Syria have been wowing visitors for centuries. These amazing traditional Syrian houses manage to stay cool in the desert without air conditioning.

Houses in the desert, Oman

Old Mosque in Ghademes, Libya


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