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Modernising Cultural Heritage, Aladdin Abdeen

Award winning Aladdin Abdeen is a Jordanian self-taught artist. Although he was always an artist at heart, Aladdin studied Business Administration and worked in the HR field for several years. He took the plunge and made a career change, pursuing his natural artistic talent, exploring portraiture and traditional Arabic calligraphy through painting.

Aladdin moved to the UAE in 2014 and has since exhibited in several group exhibitions. His goal is to revive Islamic art and culture with a new vision, ensuring that its beauty is intrinsic, clear and reflected.

We talk to Aladdin about merging traditional techniques with contemporary visual arts, developing a unique artistic style and the importance of cultural heritage.

You have many areas of specialty of painting including traditional Arabic calligraphy painting, abstract art and portraiture, how did you develop your own unique style for it?

I taught myself and was able to develop my own style through intense practice. I make sure that my style is unique and the way I present my art is different.

How has your heritage and faith influenced your art?

Arabic calligraphy is part of the cultural heritage of the Arabs and I live in a country that has a very rich heritage which helps me develop my unique artwork.

Your style is unique, merging traditional techniques with contemporary visual arts. What art forms do you draw upon and where do you find inspiration?

My admiration to the UAE Leaders and people is my main source of inspiration. In addition the UAE has a unique heritage and legacy that led to my inspiration as well .

There is a universal visual language to your work, even if you can’t understand or read your calligraphy. Is this intentional?

The beauty of the Arabic letters is an art by itself whether the individual has understood it or not, it brings a unique and beautiful touch.

Your art has been featured in various exhibitions, galleries and institutions around the globe. What has been your most memorable experience to date?

I have many memorable experiences but I will mention only two of them. Firstly, it was when I had the chance to meet Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed when I was invited to Qaser Al Bahar as an artist. Secondly, my artwork was displayed at Dubai International Airport and this was a proud moment.

International and national personalities and celebrities have shown appreciation for your work. Can you tell us more about the esteemed public figures who have shown admiration?

There are too many names that will be difficult to mention all but most of the UAE Sheikhs are familiar with my work and name . With regards to the famous national personalities and celebrities, those include H.E Noura Al Kaabi, H.E Khalifa Khoury, H.E Abdullah Bin Dalmook, H.E Dr Sultan Al Jaber, Hussein Jasmi, Pierce Brosnan and Mr. Ammar Al Rahmeh.

Which of your paintings is your favorite and why?

I have different ones but I will mention the most recent which is titled Wajih Alkhayr, and was displayed at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition. It is a poetic piece which has too many hidden and clear meanings.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I have been granted the golden visa as the first Arab artist in the UAE. My name and artwork is well known in the UAE and the region and you can see my work in several significant government entities in the country

Are you working on any current projects or exhibitions you can share with us?

I have different several private projects on the go, including private villas but the last big public project I worked on was Al Rwais Hospital.

For more information about Aladdin Abdeen, follow him on Instagram

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