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Sacred Texts, Shafina Ali

Shafina Ali is a versatile creative Islamic artist who designs hand-painted modern and traditional Islamic art on canvas and specialised paper. Her paintings are primarily based off the masterpieces of Islamic history. She represents her interpretation of Islamic art through simple and uncomplicated designs while remaining true to its traditional origins. Her main inspiration comes from the nature and old traditions of Islamic artwork with the three main elements– Arabic Calligraphy, Geometric pattern and Arabesque (floral and vegetal motifs). She has been developing and producing bespoke artwork for clients from all over the world for many years. Each design she creates are meticulously crafted to provide a professional-quality product that is unique to the viewer. She hopes that her artwork can adequately reflect the beauty of Islam. Her painting expresses her devotion to Allah (God), faith, and Islamic ancestry. It acts as a reminder of Allah’s (God’s) message and Islam in today’s hectic world.