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A Poetic & Artistic Collaboration

The Divine Names is a unique collection of poetry by Taher Adel, beautifully bound and illustrated with artwork from Aadil Abedi. Both Poet and Artist combine their talents to produce an awe inspiring display in conversation with the 99 names of Allah SWT.

We are looking forward to the release - date TBC. In the meantime, here is what people are saying about this poetic and artistic collaboration...

“This scintillating stream of intimate, personal and profound reflections on the Beautiful Names is a delicacy-rich feast for the eyes and ears of the heart.” - Sheikh Luqman Ali, Co-founder Khayaal Theatre "Taher's words grant us a unique glimpse into the infinite ocean of God's Divine attributes, transcending mere words, these beautiful poetic renditions invite us to fathom the unfathomable, and perceive the imperceptible." Dr Bilal Hassam, The Muslim Agency "We are called to be God-conscious. As Muslims, His ninety-nine beautiful names are a means to that end. Adel and Abedi have provided us with reflections on each title, which we often see - on our walls and decorated in mosques - but rarely ponder." – Shargzadeh, Persian Poetics

"A spiritual journey of poetic meaning. Taher Adel has created a thoughtful meditation on the meaning of Allah’s names with beautiful illustrations. It is my new companion in times of quiet contemplation." - Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi For more follow


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