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The Seven Skies

Muslims believe in the existence of seven skies or heavens. The seven skies serves as a reminder of the vastness and complexity of the universe, and the power and majesty of Allah.

Here are the seven heavens in Islam…

Image credit Anajat Raissi


1/ Jannat Al Adan:

The first level of Jannah is Jannat Al Adan. The meaning of Adan is ‘residence’ and ‘eternal place’.

Image credit Ali Alirezai


2/ Jannat Al Firdaws:

Jannat Al Firdaws is the second level of Jannah and the most prestigious level. The meaning of Firdaws is “Garden which has all kinds of plant”.

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3/ Jannat An Naeem:

Naeem means a prosperous and peaceful life, living in wealth, happiness and blessings.

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4/ Jannat Al Mawa:

The meaning of Mawa is “a place to take refuge; dwelling, home”.

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5/ Dar Ul Khuld:

The fifth level of Jannah is called Dar ul Khuld. Khuld means being Eternal, immorality, eternity or everlasting.

Image credit Ali Alirezai


6/ Dar ul Maqaam:

Dar ul Maqaam is the sixth level of Jannah according to the scholars and it means “an essence place to stay”, a land to dwell eternally or the safe place to live.

7/ Dar us Salam:

The seventh level of Paradise is Dar us Salam. Dar us Salam means “home of peace and safety”, adobe of well-being.

And among the seven skies, the