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The Seven Skies

Muslims believe in the existence of seven skies or heavens. The seven skies serves as a reminder of the vastness and complexity of the universe, and the power and majesty of Allah.

Here are the seven heavens in Islam…

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1/ Jannat Al Adan:

The first level of Jannah is Jannat Al Adan. The meaning of Adan is ‘residence’ and ‘eternal place’.

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2/ Jannat Al Firdaws:

Jannat Al Firdaws is the second level of Jannah and the most prestigious level. The meaning of Firdaws is “Garden which has all kinds of plant”.

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3/ Jannat An Naeem:

Naeem means a prosperous and peaceful life, living in wealth, happiness and blessings.

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4/ Jannat Al Mawa:

The meaning of Mawa is “a place to take refuge; dwelling, home”.

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5/ Dar Ul Khuld:

The fifth level of Jannah is called Dar ul Khuld. Khuld means being Eternal, immorality, eternity or everlasting.

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6/ Dar ul Maqaam:

Dar ul Maqaam is the sixth level of Jannah according to the scholars and it means “an essence place to stay”, a land to dwell eternally or the safe place to live.

7/ Dar us Salam:

The seventh level of Paradise is Dar us Salam. Dar us Salam means “home of peace and safety”, adobe of well-being.

And among the seven skies, the sky of the earth, which is the nearest to us is ornamented with stars.

“We have indeed decked the lower heaven with beauty (in) the stars”

Holy Qur’an, as-Saffat , 37/6

Al Bukhari and Sahi say:

“Jannah has one hundred levels and between each level is remoteness like the remoteness between the earth & the sky”

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