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Woven Portals, Saks Afridi

Saks Afridi is a Pakistan born, New York based multi-disciplinary artist. His art practice explores the dichotomy of being an insider/outsider. This is the practice of achieving a sense of belonging while being out of place, finding happiness in a state of temporary permanence, and re-contextualizing existing historical and cultural narratives with the contemporary. He does this through a new genre he terms as ‘Sci-fi Sufism’, where he fuses mysticism and futurism to discover worlds and galaxies within the self.

Saks is immersed in the digital world of NFT's and is creating a space for Islamic art in the digital world.

Saks said: 'Islamic art has good potential in the space because there are quite a few Muslim collectors collecting NFTs. However it should be done in a Web3 kind of way. By that I mean we should actively utilize blockchain tech, smart contracts and algorithms etc to create a new style of Islamic art to celebrate the divine.'

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